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Woman hand painting a ceramic jewellery piece in her workshop


ERIN LIGHTFOOT is a print designer and ceramicist based in Brisbane. Erin trained in fashion and textiles where she discovered a love of combining colour and pattern leading to her passion for print design. This led to her discovery of ceramics as a versatile medium complimenting her print and pattern and inspiring a range of jewellery and homewares. For almost a decade she has been dedicated to building a ceramics studio that creates unique porcelain jewellery, accessories and homewares.


HER INSPIRATION draws from past movements including the Bauhaus, Modernist and Art Deco periods as well as patterning techniques from around the world. She pulls these influences together to create ceramics that feel both contemporary and classic. Erin creates simple forms which are thoughtfully decorated with subtly-hued colour schemes and geometric pattern. Believing that objects hold a story, she places much care on their creation.


THE STUDIO is run by Erin and her husband, multi-disciplinary creative Tang Oudomvilay, both leading a small skilled team of artisans. All of the porcelain work is completed by hand, with much attention to each detail in the refinement of decoration of each piece. In addition to her ceramic ranges, Erin designs custom prints for business wanting to capture a mood through surface decoration. 


Her ceramics and print designs have been featured extensively including in Vogue Australia, The Block on Channel 9, and published in Earth & Fire (Thames & Hudson). Her label is currently stocked in gallery and gift boutiques around Australia. 



Studio image of a man working with ceramics