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Product Care and Return Policy



As we are a small studio, we do not encourage returns for change of mind. However, as our aim is to have happy and satisfied customers, if you really, really want to exchange a piece, email us and we will do our best to accomodate your request. Exchanges for change of mind must be returned unused in original packaging via post or drop off to 85 Enogerra, Tce Red Hill, QLD, 4059. Customers returning for change of mind are responsible for postage charges to and from the studio. 
Damaged Goods:
We take great care with our porcelain products to ensure they are of the highest quality. If on the rare exception, we have missed something and you have received a faulty item, please notify us as soon as possible (within 7 days). Our studio will refund or replace faulty items and you will not be charged for postage. 
Porcelain is a strong and durable material but like resin, it does require a little bit of care, particularly with storage. To keep your product for many years to come, simply store it carefully (in original packaging or in a jewellery box) when not being worn. Most breakages occur do to incorrect storage such as on bathroom shelves or surfaces where it can be easily knocked off onto the floor. 
Replacements for lost or broken earrings:
If you loose or break an earring, we can generally sell you a single replacement. Email us a picture of the single earring you need replaced and we will do our best to match it. Prices for single earrings are:
Black, White or Blue with gold : 55% of the cost of a pair + postage of $7.95
Marble: 65% of the cost of a pair + postage of $7.95 (This is because the marble earrings are cut from a slab in pairs so to sell a single we have to break apart a pair. As the marbling is always slightly different, we may not be able to find you the perfect match but we will do our best).
Out of Stock styles: 75% of the cost of the pair + postage  of $7.95 (This is because the earring will need to be especially custom made from scratch).
*Wait times on single earrings vary depending on whether the item is currently in stock and the studio schedule. 
A note on studs:
Our stud earrings are made from porcelain and sterling silver which are bonded together with a high quality glue. Studs should be removed from ears before bed and stored in a safe place such as jewellery dish. As long as your studs are in your ears or stored with care, they will last you decades. However, sleeping in your studs or storing them incorrectly (such as rattling around your handbag - yes Erin has tested this) can cause the silver component to bend out of shape. Once the silver is bent, putting high pressure on the stud back to push it back into shape, can cause it to break away from the porcelain component. If a breakage occurs, please contact our studio as we can fix it for you. Post the broken pair to 85 Enogerra, Tce Red Hill, QLD, 4059. 
Prices for fixing studs or re-hooking earrings are:
Fixing/new sterling silver parts: $5 + postage of $7.95 
Butterfly backs for Drop Style Earrings:
Some customers prefer to wear butterfly backs on their drop style earrings to make sure they stay in place when wearing scarfs or high collars. This is not necessary it just depends on your ears and usually age. Some of our older customers have this preference so if buying for them you may like to consider purchase a pair. Butterfly backs can be purchased from us for $5, just let us know if you want to make this addition in the checkout notes or via email and we will send you an invoice. 
Anything else:
​We encourage you to email our studio if you have any questions about or need help with anything else. We​ will do our best to make sure your experience with our products is a good one.