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Size Chart


6 80cm - 85cm 63cm - 68cm 88cm - 93cm
8 85cm - 90cm 68cm - 73cm 93cm - 98cm
10 90cm - 95cm 73cm - 78cm 98cm - 103cm
12 95cm - 100cm 78cm - 83cm 103cm - 108cm
14 100cm - 105cm 83cm - 88cm 108cm - 113cm



CAMI: The Cami is fitted over the bust. The fabric is relaxed over the waist. Measure your bust and your waist but the key measurement is your bust

BLOUSE: The Blouse is relaxed and flowing so there is some give in the sizing. Measure your bust and your waist but the key measurement is your bust. The Blouse is more relaxed in fit than our Cami. 

DRESS: The Dress is a semi-fitted style. It is fitted over the bust and semi-relaxed over the waist and hips. Measure your bust, waist and bum. The key measurements are the bust and the bum.

PANTS: The Pants are a relaxed resort style. The silk glides and moves over your body rather than fitting close. Measure your waist and your hips but the key measurement to get right for the pants is the hip/bum

KIMONO: The Kimono is a relaxed and generous style. It achieves structure, form and elegance without being fitted. It is a roomy style. Size 8-12 will be a small. Size 14 will be a medium. Email us your measurements and we can easily advise on your best fit. 



  • It is best to measure yourself in your underwear so that you are measuring against your skin.
  • Pull the measuring tape so that it is firm but not tight. 
  • BUST: Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • WAIST: Measure around the smallest part of your wait.
  • HIP/BUM: Measure around the fullest part of your bum.

If in doubt, we are just an email away! We can easily advise on your best fit with a few measurements. 

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