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FAQ dud

Do you sell single earrings?

If you loose or break an earring, we can generally sell you a single replacement. Email us a picture of the single earring you need and we will do our best to match it. Prices for single earrings are:
Black, White or Blue with gold : 50% of the cost of a pair + postage of $7.95
Marble: 55% of the cost of a pair + postage of $7.95. This is because the marble earrings are cut from a slab in pairs so to sell a single we have to break apart a pair. As the marbling to each pair is unique matching the pair is a little tricky but we will definitely do our best.
Out of Stock/One-Off styles: 70% of the cost of the pair + postage  of $7.95. This is because the earring will need to be especially custom made from scratch.
*Wait times on single earrings vary depending on whether the item is currently in stock or needs to be made. Please allow 1-2 weeks depending on the piece. 


I'm in a rush, can you deliver something by the weekend?

We will definitely try! If we don't have the product you are hoping for we will suggest something else. Drop us an email and we will do our best to get your gift sorted asap.  

I am looking for ... do you have a stockist near me?

Hopefully! Try our store locator or email us. 

What metal is in the earrings?

Sterling Silver. 

Do you gift-wrap?

Yes. We are happy to gift-wrap. We also write custom gift cards. Just email us with what you want to say and we will get it on its way. 


Do the bangles break easily?

Not easily but they do need a little care. Porcelain is similar in strength to resin. It will withstand some bumps and knocks and is perfectly ok to wear everyday. The bangles are made to be worn and enjoyed but it is suggested not to:

- leave lying on the couch, table or kitchen bench where it might be knocked off onto a hard floor.

To keep for many years to come, simply store the bangle in a safe place (such as jewellery box, dish or original packaging) when not being worn. 

Do you take on commissions?

At this stage we don't do one offs because we are so busy producing our current collection for our stockists and online store. We do sometimes take on commercial commissions. Get in touch with your project idea. We'd love to hear from you.